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In recent years around 50% of school leavers who do not progress on to university have preferred to enter low-skilled, precarious employment rather than look to Vocational Education and Training (VET). Such low-skilled jobs at least gave this vulnerable group some disposable income and helped them stay engaged with the community rather than becoming unemployed and left to deal with the associated stresses and social alienation.  However, it is becoming increasingly clear that due to the pandemic even low-skilled jobs are going to be hotly contested.

This paper proposes the development of a Diploma of Professional Studies in the high priority areas identified by government. Diploma students would also be eligible for a stipend that is equivalent to the Youth Allowance if they study full time. Research shows that studying full time provides students with the best chance of successfully completing their studies. The diploma would use the existing VET curriculum and package it in a way that allows students to exit the course at different stages with an employable qualification.

Download - A Vocational Education response to the pandemic (PDF - 291kb)
Download - A Vocational Education response to the pandemic (Word - 88kb)
September 2020

Bruce Mackenzie Mackenzie Research Institute 

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