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Pre-apprenticeships or pre-vocational training is seen as being meritorious in the same way that the apprenticeship model, with its combination of employment and training, is seen as an ideal model for vocational training.

The motivation behind this paper is to test whether pre-apprenticeships (and pre-traineeships and pre-vocational training more generally) are a model worth pursuing or whether they are just another element of lower level Vocational Education and Training.

An issue with discussion of pre-apprenticeships or pre-vocational training is that it is not possible to identify them in the official statistics. This means that it is difficult to identify them and judge their merits. If we were serious about pre-vocational training, we would need to clearly define its attributes. Are they primarily intended to facilitate entry into an apprenticeship or traineeship, or should they have a broader purpose? Should they be more than a lower level qualification in an occupational area?

Discussion paper
Download The Efficacy of Pre-apprenticeships (PDF - 499kb)
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September 2021

Tom Karmel
Mackenzie Research Institute

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