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Apprentice Central

An apprenticeship is an important part of your journey from a student to professional worker. While we want you to complete your training successfully, we also want to make sure your apprenticeship is enjoyable, rewarding and stress-free  - that's where Apprentice Central comes in. 

We're here to help you 

When issues arise during your apprenticeship, our Apprentice Central services can support you with advice around:
  • Employment issues - for example wages, awards/entitlements, OHS
  • Training and careers 
  • Personal/family matters
  • Financial stress or hardship
  • Legal issues
  • Housing and accommodation support
  • Learning support
  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Employability skills
  • Applying for a free Trade Paper on completion the apprenticeship - For more information on Trade Papers, refer to the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority website

Our support team

Our staff and counsellors work with knowledge and expertise and can assist you with:
  • Confidential one-on-one support
  • Decision-making tactics/conflict resolution
  • Life skills, budgeting and finances
  • Mentoring and guidance, general advice
  • Referrals to supporting services.

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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