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We take seriously our responsibility to ensure our students have a safe and positive educational experience. Holmesglen Institute is a workplace and is covered by health and safety guidelines. As a student you have a responsibility to yourself and others to undertake your studies on campus in a safe manner. Please note the following:
If you notice a hazard
Hazards are to reported immediately to prevent incidents and injuries. Please inform a staff member in your department or Security as soon as possible.
If you become ill or injured on campus, we have first aiders in each building. Seek assistance from a staff member. Security guards are also trained in first aid and can assist students. In case of emergency always contact 000 and always let Security know if an ambulance has been called so they can guide the paramedics to where the ill or injured person is. 
If you hear alarms and requests to leave a building, please follow the instructions promptly and assemble in the designated area that staff are directing you to, which should be the nearest to the evacuation site. Wait further instructions from fire wardens or Security before returning to the building.
If you feel in danger or threatened
Contact Security on 9564 2000. If it is emergency situation call Police or Ambulance on 000

Sexual harassment and sexual assault

Holmesglen Institute is committed to eliminating sexual harassment and assault, and has a zero tolerance of these behaviours. As a community, Holmesglen is dedicated to promoting a culture of respect, safety and equality. Sexual assault and harassment are criminal offences and can happen to people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.

Sexual harassment is defined as an unwelcome sexual advance or any other unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature which makes a person feel unsafe, intimidated and/or humiliated. Sexual assault is any sexual behaviour or conduct that occurs without the consent of the recipient. 
Examples of a sexual offence include:
If you are feeling harassed or bullied
Head to the Student Services office on your campus  and ask to see a student counsellor. You can call them on  9564 1649  and let the receptionist know if you feel the situation is urgent (but not an emergency… if you feel that you are in possible danger, please contact Security or in immediate danger, the police, as above). 

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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