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Glass and glazing involves the cutting, shaping and installing glass into a variety of fittings including windows, shop fronts, doors and furniture – skills you will learn when you undertake your apprenticeship training through Holmesglen or enrol in a glass and glazing course as a non apprentice.
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The Certificate II in Glass and Glazing will enable you to to undertake routine work in the glass and glazing industry as a pathway to gaining an apprenticeship.

During this 16-week course, you'll develop skills and knowledge in basic glass and glazing techniques including safety procedures, basic machines and first aid.

You'll work in a simulated work environment and undertake workplace visits, giving you a good grounding in glass and glazing skills so you can be taken on as an apprentice glazer.

The Certificate III In Glass and Glazing provides the skills and knowledge you require to perform a range of glass and glazing job roles, including safely manufacturing, processing, moving and installing various types of glass, and handling glass materials and components.

The glazing stream is suited to those wishing to work in the glass and glazing industry, specifically in the installation of glass in buildings. Training may be customised to suit you where possible.

The course is delivered in Holmesglen's specially designed facilities, where emphasis is placed on providing hands-on training wherever possible.

Delivery and assessment are also flexible, and depending on requirements, you may be able to be assessed on the job.

Glass and Glazing Open Days

Holmesglen offers a wide range of programs in Glass and Glazing, with our four apprenticeship streams; Architectural Stained Glass, Generalist, Glazing and Processing. If you have a creative edge, you can even study our Architectural Stained Glass Certificate III program without an apprenticeship - no employer required! Come join us at 6.30pm for a formal presentation highlighting the unique elements and importance of each of the building trades. Following the presentation there will be a tour across each of the trades workshops with teachers available to answer any specific questions.

- , Thu, 09 May - bookings essential.

Holmesglen Chadstone Campus, Batesford Road Chadstone 3148 Australia

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