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Learning the tools of game design

Finding the right place to explore your passions is always worth the effort. For Emmanuel Marshall, passion is his gateway to possibility and opportunity.

Emmanuel's enthusiasm led him to a games design and development course.

While he still regards his preferred IT discipline as programming, Emmanuel stepped out of his comfort zone and found an equal love with 3D modelling and game design.

"I never thought I would be good at 3D-modelling and UX and UI design, but, to my surprise, I have adopted these skills. Thanks to the [Holmesglen] teachers, who have done an excellent job, I am far more confident in my computing skills."  

Emmanuel used this assurance and support to expand his portfolio. During the course, he looked at a range of digital design areas, which included optimising 3D models and game detail techniques through texturing and normal maps. His models were inspired by sci-fi themes, specifically steampunk (a genre focused on steam-powered machinery).

What tools do game designers use?

A key component of Holmesglen's courses is the ability to utilise popular game development platforms like Unity, which allows students to work with industry made systems. "I dramatically improved my knowledge of Unity3D game engine and C Sharp," Emmanuel said.

This increased knowledge is reflected in Emmanuel's designs, which are currently featured on 3D art website, Sketchfab.

"If you already know which discipline you want to do, keep an open-mind to the entire pipeline of games development. You might be surprised at what you can achieve."

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