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How to get started in graphic design

2017 Outstanding Certificate Student Sean Brisbane left rural Western Australia life to chase his goals.

Gaining life experience while travelling and working around the country, it was when working as a tattooist that Sean discovered his love of art, in particular graphic design. Once his ambition was set, he knew he needed the support and direction that would allow him to enter the industry.

Let’s look at how Sean started his career as a graphic designer…

Use your education as your building blocks

Sean started by seeking out the right study option that matched his career aims. No one is ever gifted with the skills to succeed – they are learned and developed. He used his Certificate IV qualification to begin growing his knowledge.

“The course felt like it gave me a welcoming foot in the door, it was exactly what I was looking for. It’s a broad introduction into the world of design that caters to artists with a blank canvas of industry knowledge, who are trying to find their way,” Sean says.

Treat every task with passion and importance

Each task, like each piece of art, is a reflection on you. If you truly love what you’re doing, you will always strive to do your best. Sean believes that everything you do is a chance to make something better than before.

I think everybody deep down wants to be the best them that they can be. This is something I make a conscious effort towards every day in all aspects. Trying to leave the most positive footprint I possibly can is something extremely important to me.”

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Having a goal is a wonderful thing…unless, you do nothing about it. Every successful person has had their doubts. The secret is to keep going. Sean knows that graphic design is always about enjoying the opportunity to improve.

“A common thought among aspiring artists considering studying graphic design is “am I good enough?” Saying I’m not a good enough to study graphic design is the equivalent of saying I’m not flexible enough to do yoga, or I’m too unfit to go to the gym.”

“Study will really help you identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses. No matter the outcome, once it’s over, you will walk away with knowledge and tools that you wouldn’t have even imagined before you began and will benefit you in all creative fields.”

Always keep setting new goals

An education and a career is that much better when you have a goal you are working towards. Sean has transitioned into the Diploma of Graphic Design and plans to enter his work into international competitions. In the future, he also has a desire to study business to help promote his graphic design work.
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