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How to create animated short films

Hannah Rosie sees education as the chance to grow her inspirations. As an aspiring animator, her screen and media course is offering her the opportunity to explore her ideas on a daily basis.

Hannah recently saw her animated short film, Mistaken, screen to audiences as part of the Melbourne Animation Film Festival.

So, how can you use your studies to see your creative visions hit the big screen as well?

Find your inspiration
Every creative effort – whether it’s a film, story or piece of music – starts with an initial idea. “I wanted to animate something that would entertain an audience of all ages,” Hannah says.

From this, she believes you should then ask yourself the important questions prior to starting a project.

“When coming up with a concept, before committing to it, you need to ask yourself whether you’d enjoy animating or putting lots of work into the idea. You don’t want to start something then half way through the year decide that it’s not what you want to do.”

Utilise the skills you learn in the classroom

Studying is just as good a time to start following your interests. When creating your animations, use what you have learned in the classroom. Nothing is ever achieved alone and it’s the lessons you learn from others that help just as much.

“The teachers always encourage me to take an idea further. For example, they suggested to add little gags into the animation to give it humour. It’s also good having teachers with experience from industry who have worked in studios or on sets,” Hannah says.

The best thing to do is get started – make your mistakes, learn, develop

Learning is ongoing. There is no end, and we often learn better from trying and then learning from the results. In the field of animation, the key to success is to begin, not wait.

“To get better at something you’ve got to try and then try again. You’ll make mistakes along the way, but mistakes can also lead to another answer or direction. Most of the ideas we have are based off our experiences in some way.”

Keep going

Belief is to success, what knowledge is to confidence. It is just as important to never give up. Before starting your animated short film, embrace the process. Enjoy the progress you make and accept it will be hard work.

“It’s about persistence. Keep moving forward, build on your ideas, finish off that last frame or background, keep the ideas moving,” Hannah affirms.

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