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What it's like to study Fashion?


From the workshop to Melbourne Fashion Week

Joan Rose sees possibility in all things. After all, fashion is an industry that stretches as far as a person’s imagination.


Since arriving at our City campus, she has used her fashion course to experience the industry and support her creative mind. Recently, Joan – along with some of her classmates – featured at Melbourne Fashion Week. The event gave her the opportunity to engage with her future career.

How is Joan growing her fashion potential? Let’s visit her study approach…

Start by finding your right learning environment

Our City campus is a chance for students to learn against the backdrop of a thriving CBD setting. Melbourne is a cultural and artistic hub for aspiring designers, and Joan has used her time in the specialised workshops to combine her love of the craft with the skills needed to thrive. This freedom to learn has formed an important part of her studies.

“The teachers allow us the space to explore our own potential and make mistakes and learn from them,” Joan says.

Explore your creative spirit

Creativity is to fashion as knowledge is to confidence. Joan embraces the chance to imagine.

“I am a big thinker and I like to observe people around me and how things are made. I like to think of the simplest way to make something that is already out there. I usually think about the construction before I even think about a design.”

Gain your energy from your work

You study fashion because you want to work in fashion. That means you’re doing it because you want to do it. Joan knows that each task is a chance for enjoyment.

“It is the adrenaline rush of having to meet a deadline and delivering a product that is on point to the specifications that is the most enjoyable, “she says.

Work with determination

While you should always work with enthusiasm, you should also always work hard. While fashion designs are infinite, the field also favours those who think broadly.

“Be bold, humble and forget what you think you know about fashion because fashion is more than styling, clothing or sewing. Also, be curious about what is happening in the world and around you, not just in fashion,” Joan says.

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