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From design to reality

Effort equals reward. It's a fitting balance that suggests with hard work comes success. For Chris Thomas, the opportunity to put determination into practice has been a hallmark of his time at Holmesglen. 

Passionate about digital media, Chris decided to enrol with Holmesglen to pursue his specific interests. While an attractive profession for an outsider looking in, digital media – like most creative fields – often exists under the 'lots of fish trying to fit into a small pond' industry dilemma. However, this has proved no deterrent for Chris, as for a goal to be considered worthwhile in the first instance, it requires the necessary challenges.

Originally from an Animal and Veterinary Bioscience educational background, Chris decided on a change of pace; enrolling in a digital media course at our Waverley campus.

"I thought that [Animal and Veterinary Bioscience] was what I wanted to do in future, [but] I wasn't having any fun or enjoying my time there. I ended up leaving after my first year and worked my hospitality job full time instead. At the start of last year I wanted to get out of the hospitality business and I thought since I really enjoy my IT and Video Games, why not try to make them," Chris said.

The move to Holmesglen has created a more personalised experience, offering Chris the chance to both accelerate his learning and gain knowledge in other important areas.

"My experience has been very positive. I've enjoyed my time at Holmesglen, and I have learned skills that I thought would take years to learn by myself.  They have taught me exactly what I wanted to learn, which was how to create video games from scratch," he observed.

Enrolled in a Diploma course, Chris – as part of the curriculum – had the chance to build an app, after having to source a client in the public sector. Accordingly, Chris worked with Shubi Chikara Karate. The end result was 2D video game, TigerRun.

Simultaneously, what made the results more profound was Chris worked on the app by himself. He chose the individual route, developing and then building the product from the planning to completed stages. Chris handled the graphics, coding, modelling, animation, and texting.

"Chris worked extremely hard during his studies, he didn't cut any corners and he worked diligently with no complaining at all along the way.  For a student to accomplish all of this on their own is a huge achievement and displays a really strong work ethic," Holmesglen Teacher Jamie Weston said.

Similarly, the practical component of the course has strengthened Chris' employment-appropriate skill-sets. "Holmesglen has helped me learn and do more work in the field by [providing] the basic skills required, which gave me the chance to use those skills to create projects from scratch that can actually be used in the real world i.e. publishing games to the app stores.

"Working with a client for the Diploma also gave me skills to work with someone who may not have the same technological skills, and create a video game to their exact specifications, or even work on a project to a set of specified instructions," he said.

With his education providing the foundations, Chris is now keen to explore these interests in a greater capacity. With the suitable perspective, he understands that learning doesn't simply stop with a certificate.

"[I want to work in an] industry where I will be continuously learning as I work and better yet, working on projects where I have some input creating games for people to enjoy."

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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