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Five tips to maximise your study

  1.  Time Management
There is no blanket rule for studying. Each person studies in a different way to the next. Therefore, it’s about finding the routine that works best for you. Identify when you are focused and how much time you need to achieve your desired results. There is nothing worse than working under pressure. Plan your time before you start studying, so you feel relaxed and prepared.
  1. Maintain a good study and life balance
Study is important, but don’t burn yourself out. Take regular breaks and make sure you still find time to enjoy your comfort activities. If you have an upcoming test or exam, it should take priority. However, don’t forget to set aside part of your day for the enjoyable things in your life. Watch your favourite TV show, listen to your favourite album, even just take time for quiet reflection. Study is important but it shouldn’t come at the expense of a happy personal life.
  1. Perfect practice, makes perfect
Look over past exams, ask questions, and learn from your mistakes. If there is a flaw in your study process and you don’t fix the error then you’re likely to repeat the same mistake. Find the right study techniques and follow the correct process. Repetition truly is the key.
  1. Stay rested and mentally refreshed
There is nothing wrong with studying regularly, but it should never intrude on proper rest. An energised mind and body is when we learn and perform our best. Get a good amount of sleep each night, make sure you maintain a proper diet and take breaks. If you’re mentally sharp, you’ll absorb a lot more information.
  1. Optimism
There is no substitute for positivity. Believe in the process and embrace any challenges. Let’s face it, studying has its hardships. However, achieving a goal is meant to be hard. It makes the eventual achievement all the more rewarding. Shift your thinking. Don’t look at an exam as a chance to fail, consider it as a chance to succeed. Positive thinking is the first step towards reaching your dream result.

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