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Carly and Sasha drive behaviour change with design course

Holmesglen design students Carly Diep and Sasha Price have combined their creative skills to create a road safety campaign that will be seen by thousands of Victorian motorists.

It’s hoped the duo’s powerful visual campaign, ‘Rest, then drive – that energy drink won’t fill the tank’, will inspire road users to combat driving fatigue as part of the Re:act TAFE 2021 campaign.

Holmesglen is the first Victorian TAFE to take part in the campaign, which invites graphic design students to raise awareness of key road issues in young motorists and apprentices. 

“The students from Holmesglen produced amazing work, and the selected campaign is an engaging combination of target audience research and brilliant thinking,” says Re:act founder Andrew Hardwick.

Carly and Sasha’s campaign will now be displayed across TAFE campuses and on billboards in regional areas.

“We got to work in a professional environment and do presentations and get real feedback. It was a good opportunity, because it made the experience more realistic for when we go into the workforce,” says Sasha.

How graphic designers find their inspiration

Sasha and Carly say their campaign’s inspiration started with primary research and talking to young apprentices.

"We thought word association would help us come up with a clever or metaphorical visual. That's how we came up with the bulk of our initial ideas – through a lot of brainstorming,” says Carly (pictured below).

Sasha says the eventual idea of using a fuel gauge to represent a motorist filling up on sleep instead of petrol, was a strong way to highlight road fatigue, which is four times more likely to contribute to impairment than drugs and alcohol, according to the National Road Safety Strategy.

“What we wanted to put behind the campaign was the anxiety you feel when your fuel is getting low and convey the idea that you wouldn’t do that to yourself – you wouldn’t try to drive long distances on empty,” says Sasha (pictured below).

What skills will you learn with a design course?

Sasha says learning technical skills, including Adobe applications, helped with the successful campaign.

“The course taught me a lot about the process of how things are done, and each class covered a different outcome, which I thought was really good.”

Carly says the design course also taught the pair how to design for different audiences and clients.

“The thing I learned from Holmesglen was to ensure you really cater to a target audience and constantly think about them – what they want and what will affect them – when working on a project.”

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