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A student's guide to entering the business field

Growing your career is as much about taking your opportunities as it is an ongoing learning experience. Business degree student, Jayden Savannah is a product of this belief.

He knew the way to creating his opportunities was through taking his education beyond the classroom walls. And, like those that succeed, he also understood that wanting to do something is only the first step.

"In my opinion, you can spend years and years learning theory-based knowledge about any subject or industry, but actually going out there, into the real-world working environment, will enable students to put into practice the theory that they have learned during their studies," Jayden says.

At Holmesglen, Jayden had the chance to work as a marketing intern at Melbourne building solutions company, i-build. In a sign of his hard work and passion, he was offered regular work as a Customer Advisor within the company and now has received a promotion to the role of Project Manager.

So, how did Jayden make his goals a reality?

Like all knowledge, it starts with your studies

Jayden believes practical placements are important to help build your skills in work situations. By initially working as an intern, he could put subjects such as entrepreneurship and new venture creation into direct practice.

"Holmesglen provides a wealth of resources available to students wanting to study business. They were able to offer me a strong knowledge base, which [built] my confidence to carry out tasks at i-build," Jayden explains.

Make the most of any opportunity

As a project manager, Jayden's business roles now include everything from developing and launching new products to working on value propositions and SEO. He has also worked on marketing strategies that will reach a target audience in the best possible way.

Show a willingness to learn

Holding the right skills is important, but they matter little if the right attitude does not partner with them. Taking pride in your work is just as significant as the work itself. It's something Jayden has shown in his current role.

"Jayden is enthusiastic, energetic, and quick to learn, and has demonstrated effective communications skills. He has consistently produced high-quality output, adding substantial value to the business," says i-build Director, Jackson Yin.

Always keep setting new goals

Achieving one goal is simply the time to set a new one. There is always a new mountain to climb when it comes to a career. Now, Jayden wants to develop new marketing strategies and find new ways to help i-build grow.

"My business goal is to innovate the constant changing environment of the marketing world. I hope to be seen as an entrepreneur within an organisation in order to mutually benefit myself and those I work for."

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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