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At Holmesglen we offer a number of courses that are delivered either partly or wholly online and we are committed to providing a high quality and supportive learning experience for you. These online service standards outline our commitment to you in the following key areas:

Student support

Holmesglen will provide the following support when you study any aspect of your course online:

Enrolment support

Our Connect Team is available Monday to Friday to answer questions, give advice and offer support.
The Connect Team is available Monday to Friday 8am - 5.30pm Phone: 1300 639 888
The Connect Team will respond to phone calls immediately during opening hours and reply to emails within two business days.
As an online student,  a customer service officer will contact you to guide you through the enrolment and induction process, helping you to log in to our Learning Management System (LMS) Brightspace and navigate your way around the system.

IT helpdesk for technical support

Technical support is available from the Technology Services Department, Monday to Friday 8am - 7pm on:
Phone: 9564 1625 or


Contact is available with your teachers through email, messages in Brightspace, discussion forums, chats and webinars. Your teacher will reply to queries within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) and your assessments will be returned within seven days of submission.

Student Services available

As a Holmesglen student, you have access to a wide variety of support services that will enhance your study experience and help you complete your studies successfully. You will have access to our Learning Commons (library) databases, counselling, careers advice and support and more.

Assignment assistance and support

As a Holmesglen student you have access to “YourTutor”, an online advisory service that gives you one-on-one access to a tutor who can help with your assignments, online practice tests and resources, and 24/7 writing feedback. Tutors are available at the click of a mouse from 3pm to midnight (AET) Sunday - Friday to answer your questions. The 24/7 assignment feedback service allows you to submit essays or written answers to tutors who will read your work and offer feedback and support within 24 hours, giving you the opportunity to make corrections before submitting your work to your teacher.

Supplemental resources

You will also have access to a site which contains a suite of online learning resources that provide video tutorials across a wide field of topics including Business, AutoCAD; software design. You will be able to access when you log in through Brightspace.

Student entry requirements and induction

Holmesglen conducts a comprehensive review of the training needs of all prospective students to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for their needs. As part of this review Holmesglen will also conduct a language, literacy and numeracy analysis which will help us to identify your strengths and areas where we may provide you with additional support.
As part of this review, Holmesglen will also assess your level of digital literacy, and ability to access online training by: 

  • asking you to undertake a digital literacy self-assessment
  • discussing the self-assessment and making recommendations about whether the course is suitable for you,  and 
  • identifying additional support where required.
Holmesglen uses a Learning Management System (LMS) called Brightspace for all online course delivery. In order to use Brightspace
  • you will need a device with access to the internet (broadband cable/ ADSL or NBN)
  • a web browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox.
Web-based content is also available on hand held devices including mobile phones and tablets.

Please read the introductory guide to the LMS for an induction into navigating you way around Brightspace.

Learning materials

Holmesglen ensures that learning materials used in online training are presented in a variety of formats that will enhance the learning experience. We also ensure that learning materials cover all aspects of a unit of study so that you have all the necessary information to satisfactorily  complete the unit.

Holmesglen is committed to meeting the principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0 by ensuring that our online
learning materials are presented in a manner that is perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

Student engagement

Holmesglen provides an online learning experience that is engaging and interactive.
Collaborative learning opportunities will be provided so that you can interact with peers, through:
  • discussion forums
  • webinars
Ongoing feedback will be provided as you study through:
  • interaction with trainers/assessors in informal discussion forums
  • in response to individual queries and in relation to tasks you complete.
We will contact you if you haven’t logged on within four weeks of the unit commencement date. We will also monitor your participation
to help keep your studies on track and will contact you if you don’t participate with the online resources at least once a month.

Mode and method of assessment

Forms of assessment may include:
  • knowledge questions
  • projects
  • portfolio of work
  • reports
  • assignments
  • case studies
  • demonstration of practical skills.
Where you are asked to demonstrate competency in practical skills, video technology will be used.

Trainers and assessors

All teachers delivering online courses at Holmesglen are qualified and current in the areas that they deliver and assess. Teachers
engage in:
  • ongoing professional development in
  • online training
  • a staff reference group of online trainers and assessors, who meet and share ideas for improvement.
  • external communities of practice in the field of digital education

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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