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  • It is recommended that students wear a face mask while indoors.
  • Students entering a classroom on campus will have their attendance recorded electronically by the teacher conducting the class.
  • Students should dispose of used face masks, personal protective equipment and tissues in the special purpose bins provided.
  • Use of hand sanitiser and/or soap before entering classrooms or buildings.
  • Use of hand sanitiser and/or soap after bathroom visits.
  • Coughing or sneezing into elbow or tissue and safe disposal of all tissues.

How to wear a face mask and care for it  (Word - 930kb)
DHSS instructions on how to wear a mask (PDF - 469 KB)

Indoor spaces

Classrooms or labs or learning spaces

  • Before and after each session, students must join the teachers, librarians and other staff in cleaning the space and equipment in a classroom or learning space.
  • Hand sanitiser/soap and paper towel will be available in all amenities.
  • Photocopiers must be cleaned before and after every use.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be sanitised after every use.

Hand and power tools and other equipment 

  • Students and teachers must not share hand or power tools and classroom equipment during class.
  • Students must wipe down hand tools, power tools and classroom equipment with sanitiser after use.

Campus canteens

All campus cafeterias are open with indoor tables for students to use and enjoy. Observe and follow all signage requirements.
Cafeterias are also set up with:

  • wipes for everyone to clean their tables before and after use, and to clean any kitchen equipment such as microwaves or toasters
  • hand sanitiser
  • tables spread out across the floor space.

If the indoor cafeteria space becomes crowded, please move outdoors.


Zest and Cilantro are open and available to the public, students and staff.

Isolation rooms

During COVID-19, the following rooms have been designated as First Aid isolation rooms:

  • Chadstone Building 5, Level 1, Room 02 (5.1.02) 
  • Moorabbin Building 4, Level 1, Room 115 (4.1.115) 
  • Drummond Street Building 3, Level 1, Room 05 (3.1.05)
  • Glen Waverley Building 1, Level 1, Room 24 (1.1.24) 
  • Bourke Street Level 3, Room 6, 206-218 Bourke St.
  • North Melbourne Level 2, 200 Arden St North Melbourne.

Safety is a shared responsibility and students are expected to support these measures that contribute to keeping our environment safe.

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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