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Aimee Venier
Aimee Venier - Winner

VCE0000001 VCAL Senior

Aimee is a dedicated and driven student who takes pride in submitting high-quality work and improving in areas where she lacks confidence. Overcoming her shy nature, Aimee excelled in her senior VCAL classes, particularly in Beauty and Fashion design where she displayed fantastic creativity.

She consistently sought feedback to improve her work and took on leadership roles within group projects, allowing others' strengths to shine through.

Aimee is also involved with the Betar Youth Movement− a Jewish youth group− where she is currently further developing her leadership skills.

Her caring and compassionate nature were evident in her interactions with classmates and group projects for Sea Shepherd, RSPCA, and awareness programs for Aboriginal communities.

Vocational Student of the Year – VCAL

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Ezekiel Che Graham
Ezekiel Che Graham - Finalist

VCE0000001 VCAL Intermediate 

Holmesglen’s vocational and training environment proved perfect for Zeke’s educational needs, and he excelled in his studies.

An out-of-the-box thinker and problem solver, he found a solution that enabled his team to develop a 15 second battery change system, instead of a 90 second change at a state Energy Breakthrough Challenge.

Known as the learner who is always willing to assist the teacher in cleaning up the classroom, Zeke thrives in team environments, despite being an introvert.

Zeke has worked to overcome his inherent shyness and has become comfortable presenting his work and being a confident public speaker.


Jade Maya Lee
Jade-Maya Lee - Finalist

VCE0000001 Vocational College

Jade is a determined and hardworking learner who has overcome many obstacles in her educational journey.

She has worked hard to overcome low engagement and attendance and has excelled in her studies with Holmesglen.

“Jade's achievements include being promoted to Intermediate VCAL after only one semester of the Switch program, making her the youngest student to begin VCAL at Holmesglen Vocational College,” says Principal Brent Govan.

She has shown great maturity, resilience, and perseverance throughout her educational journey, and her community projects have been particularly successful.

Jade has received special awards for her efforts in raising money and awareness of people experiencing homelessness and for presenting on the SYN FM radio program.


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