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Harrison Booth
Harrison Booth - Winner

MSF30818 Certificate III in Flooring Technology (Timber)

Harrison’s (or Haro as he is known to his team) achievements as an apprentice are nothing short of incredible. He joined ProSanding Timber and Concrete at age 18 and worked part time while also studying to become a paramedic.

In 2018, Harrison joined the company as a full-time apprentice and impressed everyone with his technical ability, problem solving skills and attention to detail making him an extremely valued member of the ProSanding Team.  

Harrison has also impressed teaching staff at Holmesglen who praise his ability to mentor fellow learners and become a self-directed learner during the COVID-19 pandemic.


George Kline Apprentice of the Year Award

Watch the video and hear from our finalists.


Benjamin Lucas
Benjamin Lucas  - Finalist

CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry

Benjamin’s talent and skills as a carpenter landed him a spot-on renovation competition reality TV show ‘The Block’. His work on the series stood out for its exceptional quality.

Throughout his three and a half years of training at Holmesglen, his problem-solving skills and willingness to learn made him a valuable asset to his team, which produces high-end construction work.

His superb abilities as a craftsman even earned him the personal trust of teaching staff at Holmesglen – a difficult feat to achieve.

“I would be happy for him to build my home and for my kids, and there are very few I would give this opportunity too,” said Carpentry Teacher Paul Tunne.


Tom Jepson
Tom Jepson - Finalist

CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry

Tom is an exceptional apprentice and is well known and appreciated by his employer and team for his punctuality, high standard of work and respect for others.

He credits his high standard of training to two great employers, who have helped him develop his skills and techniques. Through being an apprentice, Tom has learned a lot about himself, including his strengths in leadership, communication, and developed quite a sense of humour!

As a leading hand, Tom has supervised 1st and 2nd-year apprentices and was responsible for most of the build on a project in South Yarra.

Tom also loves sports and plays at the Coburg Football Club, where he helps coach junior members of the team. His future goals include starting his own business.


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