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  It is an honour to be nominated, let alone win this award. My journey with Holmesglen began four years ago. I remember sitting in the introductory lecture, where the teachers explained that what you got out of this course was directly related to what you put in. This has rung true throughout my four years of study.

Holmesglen encouraged personal growth and provided me the tools to achieve excellence. I was fortunate to have teachers who cared about me as a person. Holmesglen gave me the opportunity to graduate with a degree as well as undertake a fellowship which has led to employment and a smooth transition into the world of nursing. 

I would like to say a big thank you to my wife; Minea, who put her life on hold to allow me to chase my dream. I love you. I would like to thank all the Holmesglen teachers and staff who took the time to know us as individuals, who were always there and reminded us what great nursing is about. Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow students, particularly the international ones, who I feel are the backbone of the course. You are some of my best friends, also my study partners and inspiration.

This award means the world to me, it gives my dad a reason to come back and visit me from heaven, it’s a way to make up to my mum for being a naughty adolescent and is a way to show troubled young adults in the future that you are not trapped because you have previously made poor life choices. There are still windows of opportunities out there, you just need to follow your heart, believe in yourself, work hard and love what you do, and you too can be a student of the year!
Liam says 

Outstanding Higher Education student winner

Liam Cairns - Bachelor of Nursing

Described as a keen learner by his teachers, Liam says his nursing studies have given him a new lease on life.

Inspired by his family, Liam feels his nursing qualification is a defining moment in his life.

“I am just happy to get my certificate of graduation. I hope to influence my seven-month-old daughter to pursue higher studies one day,” he says.

Liam always represented Holmesglen well on placements and loved the course’s clinical subjects, in particular working in a laboratory. He will complete his post-graduate training at Epworth Richmond.

Outside of Holmesglen, Liam enjoys basketball, nature and walking his two huskies.

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