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Benjamin Winzer
Benjamin Winzer - Winner

AHC31421 Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Ben’s dual passions for helping communities and a deep understanding of the environment were perfectly matched for undertaking the Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management.

While studying, he gained further knowledge about Aboriginal communities, engaged in burning ceremonies and cultural education with local Elders.

His study path helped land him a position as Environmental Officer for the Bunurong Land Council.  

Motivated by his dedication to serve communities, Ben has trained as a firefighter and volunteered as a paramedic. At Holmesglen, Ben’s teachers encouraged him to develop leadership skills drawing out his passion for caring for teams while in the bush.

Ben hopes to take some of those lessons into his future and wants to become an Aboriginal voice for sustainable ecological practices and traditional land care practices.


First Nations Award

Watch the video and hear from our finalists.


Kacie Mitchell
Kacie Mitchell - Finalist

AHC31421 Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem management
Kacie's passion for the caring of country and protection of Aboriginal land led her to seek a qualification to take on leadership roles.

She has been working with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation for ten years, and as a coordinator in the field team for the last three years.

After studying at Holmesglen, Kacie manages fieldwork and induction bookings and mentors new staff, ensuring that Heritage Advisors and field staff work together efficiently.

Kacie’s dedication to preserving land and cultural connections, as well as her leadership capabilities, did not go unnoticed at Holmesglen.

“Kacie is truly an outstanding student as she is extremely respectful in class and actively participates in conversations and course content. She encourages others to share their stories and journeys so everyone can take something away from each of their experiences,” commented Koorie Support Officer, Kaycee Ah Kit.


Winona GreenhailghWinona Greenhalgh - Finalist

AHC31421 Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management

Leading from the front is where Winona shines. She has consistently achieved great things in her life despite facing several challenges.

Growing up with dyslexia, Winona overcame many obstacles to study at Holmesglen. While studying with us, she gained detailed knowledge of native plant biology and supported other students in their learning outcomes.

Winona’s leadership experience is complemented by her expanded network of environmental/field teams learning about different cultures. She promotes community connections and represents cultural links and values, as well as engaging in potential health and nutrition education with the Wadawurrung community.


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