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The following guidelines are in line with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendations and the Institute’s COVID-19 Safe Plan. They aim to ensure all Holmesglen staff, students and visitors are provided with a safe working environment.

As part of the Victorian Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) reopening roadmap for Metro Melbourne, all staff who are permitted to attend campus are required to make a declaration on a daily basis before they attend campus that they are free of symptoms, have not been in contact with a confirmed case and have not been directed to isolate. 
Download the declaration form here (PDF - 142kb)  If nothing happens when you click submit on the form, save as pdf and email to

TSD have released a new version of the Holmesglen mobile app, on which you can complete the COVID-19 Declaration. It is available for Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets. 

Videos have been created on how to install the Holmesglen app and complete the declaration.

COVID-19 On campus pass

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You can also refer to two new knowledgebase articles available now on the servicedesk knowledge base.
How to install the Holmesglen app on your mobile device

How to complete your COVID-19 Declaration using the Holmesglen app

Safety is a shared responsibility and all staff are expected to support these measures that contribute to keeping our working environment safe.
All staff working on campus must complete the Infection Control Training Module, as outlined in the Institute's COVID-19 Safe Plan. Heads of Department (HoDs) and Education Managers (EMs) must ensure staff complete these modules.

COVID-19 Safety and Hygiene Protocols

All staff and students attending Holmesglen campuses must maintain the following safety and hygiene protocols, which include: 

  • Wearing properly fitted face masks, unless they have a medical exemption certificate, which they must carry on them at all times. 
  • Students are to provide their own properly fitted face masks for use on campus.
  • Staff will be provided with face masks by the Institute.
  • Disposing used face masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and tissues in lined bins with holes to avoid direct contact with waste.
  • Students with medical exemption certificates must advise library staff and teachers when using libraries or attending classrooms, and also show their exemption paperwork on request.
  • All individuals must maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and others.
  • Complying with all signs that denote the maximum number of occupants in a room or space  including bathrooms.
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitiser and/or soap before entering classrooms or buildings.
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitiser and/or soap after bathroom visits.
  • Coughing or sneezing into elbow or tissue and safe disposal of all tissues.

How to wear a face mask and care for it  (Word - 930kb)
DHSS instructions on how to wear a mask (PDF - 469 KB)

COVID-19 Campus Attendance Registers

All staff, students, and contractors must record their attendance in building and classroom attendance registers

Registers (including temperature checks) are to be maintained as follows:

  • Staff (Relevant managers and Human Resources)
  • Contractors (Security and Property Services)
  • Students (Heads of Department and teachers).
Security to temperature check all contractors attending campus prior to commencing works.

Property Services is responsible for inducting all contractors on COVID-19 safety and hygiene control requirements. 

COVID-19 safety and hygiene control requirements will be included in this induction and all staff should monitor and report any non-compliance with safety and hygiene control requirements.

Registers must be maintained within the guidelines of Holmesglen’s Privacy Policy, which can be found on the Institute's management system.

Student information must be maintained securely with the relevant faculties.

Managing staff rosters, teacher (student) timetables and skeleton staff on campus 

When rostering/timetabling staff on campus, try to ensure the same groups of staff members are rostered on campus together.

  • Stagger start and finish times, shifts and break times to reduce use of common areas at the same time.
  • Stagger start and finish times and break times on teaching timetables.
  • Encourage staggered breaks for students every 2 hours, to reduce students' use of common areas at the same time.
  • Encourage staff to minimise time on breaks in shared facilities with others.
  • Put the same staff on the same shifts and avoid mixing staff across different shifts.
  • Put members of the same household on the same shifts, where practical.
  • Schedule staff on one campus and where possible one building.

Managing students 

HoDs and EMs are responsible for working with teaching staff to ensure the timetabling of student meal breaks and classes are staggered to prevent large groups gathering together - no more than eight students. See more under Outdoor Spaces.

HoDs and EMs must provide Classroom Management Sessions for teachers as a guide to ensure students are observing COVID-19 protocols.

Students who do not observe the COVID-19 protocols, i.e.; not wearing properly fitted face masks, not adhering to physical distancing rules etc. will be asked to leave campus.  

Indoor spaces

Classrooms/labs/learning spaces

  • BEFORE and AFTER each session, teachers, librarians, staff and students who are in a classroom or learning space must participate in cleaning the space and equipment. 
  • Teachers and students must be spaced out in classroom settings, with a minimum 1.5 metres between each person and at least 4 square metres allocated to each person. 
  • Hand sanitiser/soap and paper towel will be available in all amenities.
  • Photocopiers must be cleaned after every use.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be sanitised after every use.

Hand and power tools and other equipment 

  • Students and teachers must not share hand and power tools and classroom equipment during class.
  • Teachers must ensure students wipe down hand tools, power tools and classroom equipment with sanitiser after use.

Staff/Office spaces

Staff desks, tables and seating must be positioned so there is a minimum of 1.5 metres between each person and at least 4 square metres allocated to each person. Staff should consult their Health and Safety representative for further advice on the above.

  • Hand sanitiser/soap and paper towel will be available in all amenities.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned after each use.
  • Photocopiers should be cleaned after each use with sanitiser wipes.
  • All staff are responsible for ensuring the minimum physical distances between staff and students are maintained.


Staff kitchens and staff room equipment

The Institute will provide cleaning equipment and sanitiser/paper towel for staff kitchens/staff rooms. Dishcloths are not to be used.

All staff must ensure they:

  • Do not share utensils, cups, plates, glasses etc. 
  • Do not share food.
  • Bring their own tea/coffee/sugar etc
  • Bring their own utensils, cups, plates and glasses – and wash them after use.
  • Do not use dishwashers - these should be taped off.
  • Store their own utensils, cups, plates and glasses at their desk/workstation.
  • Clean shared staff room equipment such as coffee machines, toasters, kettles, microwaves, etc BEFORE and AFTER each use, wiping down with sanitiser each time.
  • Clean meal areas BEFORE and AFTER each use, such as benchtops, tables, fridge door handles, etc.
  • Follow closely additional hygiene and cleaning procedures which have been implemented across amenities and displayed via information posters.
  • Observe physical distancing at communal staff tables. Seating to be positioned so there is a minimum of 1.5 metres between each person and at least 4 square metres allocated to each person.
  • Do not use the shared equipment located in open space cafe areas, such as microwaves, etc.

Department managers are to ensure hand sanitiser dispensers are available to staff and students in a common area and are replenished regularly. Please log a toolbox request to replenish supplies.


Outdoor spaces 

  • Staff and students must follow physical distancing when outdoors on campus grounds, including around entrances and break areas and when using seating, tables, raised garden beds and lawns, and while using Institute car parks. 
  • Staff are responsible for ensuring minimum physical distances are maintained on campus. 
  • Staff should remind students to observe these practices and advise Security where procedures are not being followed.


Courier deliveries to Institute campuses

Courier deliveries between campuses are restricted to Institute couriers. 

Institute vehicles

  • Staff must not share Institute vehicles.
  • Pool cars and Institute buses will be unavailable during this time. Executive Director approval is required outside of this directive.

Isolation rooms

During COVID-19, the following rooms have been designated as First Aid Isolation Rooms:

  • Chadstone Building 5, Level 1 Room 02 (5.1.02) 
  • Moorabbin Building 4, Level 1, Room 115 (4.1.115) 
  • Drummond Street Building 3, Level 1, Room 05 (3.1.05)
  • Glen Waverley Building 1, Level 1, Room 24 (1.1.24) 
  • St Kilda Road, Level 2, Room 3 (2.03) 
  • Bourke Street 3.04 (room 6) 
  • North Melbourne – Level 3 (ETU)

Security is responsible for the maintenance of these rooms in line with the Institute’s COVID-19 Safe Plan procedures.

Safety is a shared responsibility and all staff are expected to support these measures that contribute to keep our working environment safe.

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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