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Professional Essentials

Professional Essentials theme programs are aimed at shifting mindsets, attitudes and behaviours to create highly functioning, engaged and empowered professionals. Areas of focus:

Collaboration, Communication and Influence

In today's workplaces it is assumed that collaboration will come naturally and people will understand the competing needs and conflicting priorities of others. However, communication is often misunderstood or misdirected and inefficiency and wasted effort soon follows.

The Collaboration, Communication and Influence program focuses on collaborative behaviours and communication skills that will create effective workplace relationships and establish the required level of influence across your stakeholder groups.

Presentations for Business Impact

All professionals need to be able to deliver powerful presentations. Sometimes they are planned and scheduled, other times they are ad hoc or impromptu. Regardless, all presentations need to have certain key elements to ensure a successful outcome.

This interactive workshop is aimed at everyone needing to make presentations to clients, colleagues and stakeholders. You will learn tools and techniques to design and structure engaging presentations that have immediate impact.

The Time of Your Life

Time is truly a scarce resource: once we've spent time we can't reclaim it. The modern workplace presents conflicting demands and competing priorities that seemingly make time evaporate. This then reduces our efficiency and effectiveness and it impacts our quality of life. The Time of Your Life program focuses on mastering the effective use of time and developing practical strategies to ensure workplace efficiency and goal attainment.

Emotional Intelligence

This program is designed to create an understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the role it plays in our day-to-day working life.

The way we navigate our relationships, situations and unexpected events is often a marker of our success. Developing your EI will heighten your self-awareness and enable you to create more meaningful and enduring workplace interactions.

Personal Strengths and Resilience

This program identifies what resources and capability you can draw on which makes you stronger and better able to cope with stressors using a strength based approach to developing personal resilience.

It introduces The 6Ps of Resilience™ Framework with techniques to practice that helps you build up a bank of resources to deal with adversity and bounce back.

Managing People Performance

As a manager, engaging a proactive role in employee management is crucial for business performance. Having the right skills and knowledge to deal with stressful work circumstances, and being able to form effective interpersonal relationships with your employees is critical in establishing a cohesive team environment.  
This program teaches the fundamental skills of people performance management. Engage and learn how to conduct a crucial conversation, give effective feedback, manage conflict resolution and deal with challenging behaviour.

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