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Tuesday evenings for 4 weeks, 6.30-8.30pm





Are you feeling bored at work? Have you lost motivation at work? Do you struggle to see the point of most of what you do at work? This practical workshop based on evidence-based research will give you the tools to redesign your own job in ways to foster more engagement and resilience to thrive at work. After you finish this course you will achieve positive outcomes, you will feel more energised leading to greater emotional well being and job satisfaction.


    • Pen and notebook
    • There are no prerequisites for this course
    • Participants to bring comfortable clothes


    • Actively redesign your own job to better suit your values, strengths, and passions, leading to greater enjoyment, meaning, and effectiveness
    • Help you resourcefully use and alter elements in your job to make your work more engaging and fulfilling
    • Write up a plan that helps you take a step back and gauge how you spend your time and energy at work
    • Identify opportunities to craft a more ideal, but realistic, version of your job
    • Help you prepare a script to talk to your boss about how you would like to reframe your job in terms of your relationships, your tasks based on your strengths and values
    • The program offers a 30-minute coaching session for each participant (optional)

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