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Every Thursday for 5 weeks, 6:00pm - 8:00pm





Come and learn Italian language skills that will add enjoyment and purpose to your travel in Italy. This course will cover useful and practical vocabulary to take care of the many and varied situations that may arise during your trip. Learn to speak modern colloquial Italian to use immediately during your visit to Italy. Practical and cultural tips will also be included.


    • Pen and notebook
    • Students are required to purchase the text BBC Talk Italian + CD (Alwena Lamping)
    • There are no prerequisites for this course
    • Textbooks are available at The Campus Bookstore (03) 9564 1609
    • It is recommended not to purchase the text until the course has been confirmed to go ahead


    • Basic Italian pronunciation and the ability to read common words and phrases
    • The geography of Italy - the regions, capital cities, the main attractions, how to purchase tickets for museums, galleries, the best way to get around
    • Asking where the main places are located in the city/town, opening and closing times, asking and understanding directions
    • Greetings, introductions, saying where you are from, giving information about yourself, filling out forms with personal details
    • How to use key question words in common phrases ie. What is it?, Who is it?, What'��s it like?
    • How to pronounce and understand numbers, tell the time, currency, conversation of Australian Dollars, to understand prices
    • The language of shopping for food, clothing, accessories, including how to order snacks in a cafe or full meals in a restaurant including all the language necessary to communicate effectively in these settings
    • An understanding of the verb structure for basic communication
    • Cultural tips for every topic

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