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Design thinking encompasses critical thinking and creativity to solve business challenges. Design thinking encourages you to apply the best creative and analytical tools to develop solutions for real needs through the identification of customer personas, empathy mapping, ideation and prototyping. In this course you will learn new methodologies to challenge your own thinking and change your mindset to focus on solutions and boost creativity in your workplace. You’ll work to on your business problem statement guided by the Double Diamond Design Process (DDDP). You will complete a design thinking project that offers you a framework to research, innovate, prototype and iterate. In this course you will learn about Human Centered Design, Empathy Mapping and Personas, Customer Engagement to gain customer insights, Ideation and Prototyping and User Experience.

This workshop style Event Management and Design course has been developed to give you practical tips and teach you the systems required to create amazing events to exceed your guest’s expectations. The course is full of interesting theory, which can easily be translated into practice for delivering events such as parties, seminars, conferences, meetings, product launches, gala dinners, community events. Developed from the International Events Industry many of the templates used in this course can be used as a starting point for planning your own events.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is an extremely important, complex and challenging function in the modern workplace. HRM includes conducting job analyses / planning staff needs, recruiting (right people for the job), onboarding and orientation, training and development (including career development and growth), employee engagement, compensation (managing wages and salaries), providing benefits and incentives, performance development (managing and evaluating performance, employee motivation and satisfaction), resolving disputes, safety, health and wellness of employees, workplace culture and communicating with employees. Each of the HRM functions must be carefully managed to enable employees to feel valued and understand their role in the organisation so that they become effective and productive contributors to the accomplishment of your business’s goals and objectives. HR can no longer be considered as a non-strategic cost centre instead it must be developed as a core strategic, profit-contributing function.

Most people are not promoted into leadership roles based on their leadership or management skills but on their success and achievements to date. Most people find themselves in a new situation when it comes to leadership and management. In this course you will learn key skills to accelerate in your career and drive incredible results. This is a course for those new to leadership, preparing to take on a leadership role or for those wanting to brush up on their skills so that they can survive and thrive.

With customers becoming more demanding, it is imperative that organisations continually strive to improve their customer experience. This course provides participants with cutting edge techniques in optimising their customer experience skills and is particularly suited to business owners, people who have 'face to face' customer responsibilities and middle to senior management. There is an emphasis on the presentation of practical skills with workshops and role-play exercises. The management of the customer experience is a key differentiating factor in successful organisations today. This course provides participants with the essential customer experience management skills used in today's quickly changing business environment in which uncertainty and confusion reign supreme.

Make the most of your time by analysing your current time management behaviours and the impact of poor time management in the workplace. Learn how to apply positive techniques in time management and notice an improvement in your own time management - in no time at all!

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