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It's well known that the cost of staff resignations and recruiting new staff can have a strong negative impact on a business's bottom line. For example, there's the accrued leave payout, advertising costs and lost productivity while new staff are found then trained. Learn how to find and keep the best staff so that your business can thrive.

High-performing companies have high-performing teams. Know and apply the skills needed to create and maintain a cohesive and committed team, working with you to improve organisational outcomes. You will need people who think differently to you. On a practical level, you will learn the importance of clear direction and honest feedback in building your team. You'll also learn how using your emotional intelligence to know yourself and your team, can pay huge dividends.

If you hold a position of leadership, or seek to move into one, learn the tools and techniques needed to successfully lead people. This course will show you how to have a greater impact on those around you and advance your career.

Promoted to a new management position, or looking to climb the career ladder? This course will assist in the transition into management by learning management theory, key management competencies and finding the best way to apply them to your workplace. Understand elements of behaviour and attitude to become a successful manager.

Whether you are an administrative assistant, secretary, executive secretary or another member of the administrative support staff, this course is the one for you. This carefully tailored, pragmatic course is designed to equip you with key management and leadership skills to enhance your professional career. Most importantly you will develop the skills and best practices of highly effective administrative professionals.