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Follow four easy to understand steps and learn how to create a breathtaking portrait using just a pencil. You can draw from reference, which can be provided by the trainer, or bring your own photo showing the head of a family member or friend. Please make sure that the image is clear, front on and photo copied to A4 size. Enjoy class discussion of other pencil portraits and become inspired to draw more.


    • Pencils HB 2B 4B 6B
    • A3 sketch pad
    • Kneadable and vinyl erasers
    • Sharp, front facing head shot of family member or friend plus A4 photo copy enlargement (optional)


    • Practice four steps, over three hours, to learning the proportions of the human head which will lead them to getting a better likeness.
    • NOTE: Students can bring along a favourite photo of a family member or friend to work from; but this must be a sharp black and white image, front on and photo copied to A4 size. Other photo reference will be available if desired.
    • Focus on building the student's confidence in getting a good likeness.
    • NOTE: These pencil drawing exercises may lead to a finished portrait drawing which is the best the student has ever done.

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