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Web Development Flex Bootcamp



Flexible Bootcamp
in 30 weeks

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web development curriculum

A unique personalized education program on a flexible schedule that meets you where you’re at.

Applications are now open! In this new online Web Development program, you’ll come to learn popular languages and frameworks like Javascript and Ruby on Rails, over the course of 30 weeks. Our priority is to get you trained in the digital skills that you will need to succeed professionally, while meeting your ongoing responsibilities. Web Flex is an immersive remote learning format that strikes a balance between lectures, project, mentorship, and group work.

What you will learn


   JavaScript & Node.js

JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web. You'll become familiar with solving problems using the language and writing client-side scripts to create dynamic content.

Node.js & React JS

JavaScript is better with its tools. Learn to use Node.js and React to increase JavaScript's usefulness. Using Node, execute scripts outside of a web browser. With the React library and its tools, build stronger user interfaces and use automated testing.

ruby rails
Ruby on Rails

Ruby, when paired with the Rails framework, is among the most versatile, intuitive, and practical programming languages. You'll learn about key concepts like the MVC design pattern and communicating with databases.

HTML, CSS,  & More

HTML and CSS are essential components for the web. Learn to use this duo to write, modify, and read code in well-structured, easily-maintained ways, and apply the techniques of responsive web design.

SQL database 
 SQL & Relational Databases

Learning to use relational databases is essential for designing web applications. Use SQL to expertly manage the data held in relational databases.

Networking & HTTP

It's critical to understand the distinctions between client and server-side code and the responsibilities each carries. Learn the fundamentals of HTTP, how to interpret its codes, and how to use it to retrieve data.

Inside the Web Development Flex Bootcamp curriculum


Download the curriculum package for a more detailed look at the Web Development Flex Bootcamp curriculum, educational philosophy, and the support structures we use to support you throughout your Bootcamp journey and beyond.

Download Curriculum Package
web development curriculum


Big Return on your Investment


It is an exciting time to start a career in Software and Web Development in Australia. In 30 weeks you will leave with in-demand skills you need to lauch a fulfilling tech career.

Did you know? The average annual salary for a Web Developer is $90K in Australia with a 25% projected job growth in 5 years, according to

Meanwhile, a full-stack developer on average earns $115K per year, with a 30% projected job growth in 5 years!


Tools and Resources


Flexible Lectures

Engage with lectures using interactive live-stream technology, with the freedom to choose between 2 lecture schedules. Miss something? Catch up on your own time with recorded sessions.

On-Demand Mentorship

As a Lighthouse Labs student, you have access to mentorship at the click of a button. Get help when and where you need it with our specialized network of tech experts and professionals.

Group Work

Group Work
Collaborate and share ideas with your cohort through online co-working spaces. Our team of expert mentors will always be there to guide you along the way.

Technical Interviews

Technical Interviews
You won't just learn these skills, you'll learn how to communicate them too. Round out your ability to succeed at tech interviews with interactive online whiteboarding sessions.

Online Campus

Online Campus
Access hundreds of hours of educational materials through Compass, our custom-built learning management system.

Real-Time Support

Real-Time Support
Our dedicated student support team is available to assist you in real-time, so you get help when you need it the most.

We use a suite of technologies to ensure the best online learning



VS live share

VS Live Share








Google Meet

Google meet


Admission Process


To ensure that everyone who passes through the bootcamps is set up for success, we use the following admissions process:

    1. Apply online
    6-10 weeks before your intended start date, you'll fill out a short application to introduce yourself with the important details that help us get to know you. New cohorts fill up on a rolling basis, so make sure you submit your application as soon as possible.
    apply online
    2. Interview
    This one-on-one interview will give us another way to understand you better, and talk to you all about the bootcamp. This is also your opportunity to ask us questions.
  • After the last stage, successful candidates are sent over study material that will prepare them for the assessments. Coding experience isn't necessary to perform well here. You'll complete them on your own time within 2 weeks.

    logic and technical assessment
    4. Enrol and Prep for the Program
    Once you're accepted into a cohort, you'll need to submit a deposit by credit card to reserve your spot. The rest of your tuition is due 2 weeks before your start date. For more information on our payment plans, please contact 03 9564 1546.

    Before starting, you'll spend 70 hours completing prep modules. These will introduce you to the basic technologies you'll use throughout the bootcamp. You will need to complete these at least 1 week before your first day of bootcamp.

    Enrol and Prep for the Program
6-10 weeks before your intended start date, you'll fill out a short application to introduce yourself with the important details that help us get to know you. New cohorts fill up on a rolling basis, so make sure you submit your application as soon as possible.
apply online

Start Dates & Fees

Start Date: 19 September 2022 (30 weeks)
Applications close: 19 August 2022

Students will be asked to complete a 70-hour prep module prior to bootcamp commencement.





GST exempt


Personalised, 1:1 career support from the team that’s achieved 95% employment rate.

  • ✔ Demo Day
  • ✔ 3 Career Workshops
  • Lifetime Access to Job Resources
  • ✔ Personalised Job Searching
  • Networking on Behalf of Students
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* All prices are in AUD. GST exempt. Deposit is required to secure your spot.


How You'll Learn


Web Flex leverages versatility to improve accessibility. Lectures run from July to January on Tuesday through Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.  A combination of live lectures, self-study, on-demand mentorship, project and group work.

For this fully remote option, we recommend students set aside 25 hours a week. This will make time of unplanned interruptions and the mental transitions between studying and your other responsibilities.

Who Should Apply?


Passion - We believe the best developers are passionate life-long learners. As for you: you see learning as more than just a means to an end, and it shows in your ever growing list of side projects.   
Flexibility - Striking  a balance between your education and whaterever else is going on in your life.    
Financial Obligations - We know not everyone can take time off work, and that's okay.
An Aptiutude for Coding - Some brains are just wired for coding, no matter their previous experience or education. You think in a logical, structured way that lends itself beautifully to a career as a developer.

About Lighthouse Labs


Holmesglen has partnered with Lighthouse Labs to offer a program aimed at those serious about a career in web development.  Lighthouse Labs is a Canadian tech-education company, gone down under.  Lighthouse Labs was created in 2013 by a team of software developers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. Lighthouse Labs’ mission is to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and transform the way tech education is delivered. Lighthouse Labs has introduced over 20,000 Canadians to the practice of coding and launched 1,000+ graduates into careers as professional developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No formal education is required to be admitted to Lighthouse Labs! While having some coding knowledge always helps, your background does not matter as much as a genuine interest in code or data science and a raw determination to succeed in this challenging environment.

If you’re interested in our bootcamp but brand new to code or data, our intro courses are a perfect way to figure out if you're ready for a career as a developer or data analyst.
The bootcamp educational model is built very differently from the ones you experienced in high school and/or university. Holmesglen’s partner, Lighthouse Labs, practices a flipped, immersive model of education that puts the emphasis on the development of practical skills through building real-world applications using an incremental and cumulative collection of tools and best practices.
Lectures take up a maximum of two and a half hours in any given day, with another eight to ten hours being spent each day working in a lab setting. You can expect to introduce yourself to new concepts through readings and exercises, getting your knowledge bolstered and backfilled with lectures throughout the week.

It is our core belief that 80% of the learning should be done on the job and we’ve tailored every part of our program around it. Our curriculum is constantly interrupted by a community of passionate developers based off feedback from employers, students, alumni and industry trends. We won’t teach you everything about software development (that takes years of practice), but we will give you the foundation so you can continue learning in your new career as a developer as quickly as possible.
Web Flex will prepare you to work in a role as a professional developer. Some roles you might occupy include web developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer.
You don’t need any experience in coding or computer science to succeed in Web Development and be connected to employment afterwards. This program will provide you with everything you need to work as a professional web developer at an entry level position.
The first step to becoming a developer is laying your basic foundation with our Prep Course. The 70 hours you’ll spend on completing preparatory work will introduce the basic technologies you’ll use throughout bootcamp.
We have had many-a-grads build games using web-based game engines for their final projects!
LHL’s curriculum trains you to be a full stack developer which includes these skills:
Client-server separation (via APIs, etc)
Object-Oriented Programming
Algorithm complexity analysis
CS topics such as recursion trees
Data persistence and databases (server-side but also often client-side)
TCP and real-time client-server networking (actually learned by coding a multiplayer snake game!)
Lighthouse Labs has a handful of grads go on to work as game devs after taking our program, because you learn to be a software developer, albeit focused on the web.  As most games involve the internet, it also helps them be more well rounded when thinking about the server-side of games (apis, networking, databases, etc).

Both these programs exist so as to accommodate students’ lifestyles and priorities. If you’re currently working in a position that you want to continue while training, we recommend you enroll in the less concentrated Web Flex. This is also a great option if you’re a parent or caregiver with substantial childcare duties.

If you want to get started with a new career as a web developer as soon as possible, and don’t want to wait for six months, Web Bootcamp is the better option for you. This is also a good fit if you have priorities to attend to half a year down the road.

Web development bootcamp will prepare you to work in a role as a professional full stack developer. Some roles you might occupy include web applications developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer. You may get entry level positions that will allow you to learn more about the company’s technology and be mentored by more senior people, and you will certainly be able to contribute to the technical side of the business.

Yes! If you enrol in the Bootcamp with Career Boost program, you can get job support from Lighthouse Labs' Career Services team after you arrive in Canada and prove your legal working rights.

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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