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Building Surveying Open Days

Want to make sure buildings that go up, stay up? Building surveyors are often involved in projects from the early planning stages through to completion, and work closely with other allied professionals such as architects, builders, engineers and planners. Together, they ensure these buildings adhere to regulations. Visit us on Open Day for a formal a presentation at 6.30pm highlighting pathway options and career outcomes in the Building Surveying industry. Following the presentation you will have the opportunity to speak to industry experienced teachers who will give you the information and advise you about each entry stream. Registrations are essential for sessions to go ahead.


- , Thu, 29 Nov - bookings essential.

Holmesglen Chadstone Campus, Batesford Road Chadstone 3148 Australia

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Building surveyors play a pivotal role in the construction field . Our building surveying course provides a diverse range of experiences in building theory, regulatory laws and practice, and will equip you with the competencies required for building surveying and inspection. We work closely with organisations such as the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) to ensure you get the type of training that industry expects.
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The Bachelor of Building Surveying is a four-year (equivalent) professional course designed to meet the needs of the building surveying industry.

The first three-years (equivalent) of the course focus on the provision of a foundation of knowledge and skills that prepares you for a wide range of possible graduate vocational occupations in the building industry, taking into account the high level of mobility, especially at mid-career stage, of professional and para-professional practitioners.

The program incorporates a syllabus and subject structure designed to demonstrate the interrelationships involved in the building process that you would expect to encounter in the building construction workplace.

You will develop an in-depth technical knowledge in building surveying and will be able to operate independently as a professional within this field. Its strong vocational and building discipline focus will assist you in meeting the academic requirements for membership of relevant professional bodies in the building sector.

All academic staff in the Bachelor of Building Surveying have extensive, relevant industry/professional experience and higher education teaching experience. The facilities used by students include dedicated computer labs.

The course is accredited and/or recognized by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).