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What careers are available with a nursing course?

Nursing is a rewarding and at times challenging profession, which plays a very important role in our community.

You might think that there is only one type of nurse – the kind you see in your local hospital. However, a nursing career is in fact much broader and can present you with many exciting job paths. From paediatric to radiology nursing and mental health to research nursing, there are a variety of roles for you to explore.

We offer a HLT54121 Diploma of Nursing (a Free TAFE course, and now also offered at our Bourke Street campus) and a BNURS13 Bachelor of Nursing. So, let’s look at some of the nursing careers available to you, and how a Holmesglen nursing course can help.

Want to help our younger generation?

Paediatric nurses

  • You will support infants, children and young adults
  • You will handle everything from immunisations to the treatment of symptoms
  • A school nurse may work in public or private schools, or even become a travelling nurse

Want to make a positive difference on an important societal issue?

Drug and alcohol and mental health nurses

  • You will deal with patients who are suffering from various psychiatric illnesses or addiction and help with their recovery plans
  • Career settings include working in hospitals to outpatient clinics and specialised clinics
  • There are related nursing options that may also include community or rehabilitation nursing

Prefer a research or technical setting?

Research nurses, radiology nurses, nursing educators and theatre nurses

  • You will work with specialised and procedural roles
  • These nurses can provide education about procedures
  • Research nurses can assist with clinical trials, while radiology nurses help patients are receiving diagnostic or therapeutic radiology imaging

Other nursing career options for you

  • Aged care nursing
  • Defence Force nursing
  • Emergency nursing
  • Home Health nursing
  • Oncology nursing
  • Palliative care nursing
  • Rural/remote nursing
  • School nursing

How can Holmesglen help with your nursing career?

Our philosophy is to ensure you are job ready at the end of your course. This is achieved through:

  • On-campus training
  • Simulation activities
  • Supported clinical placement

This is just a snapshot of what is available to you and which nursing career pathway you can follow. To find out more, visit our nursing courses page.

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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