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The big screen pursuit

We often marvel at success without appreciating the hard work, dedication and failures that led to the accomplishment.  Achieving a goal requires commitment and perseverance. Thankfully, they are two traits Holmesglen screen media student Rhys Sherring understands well.

"The more you're failing, the more you're learning," Rhys says. It's a glass half-full mindset that has inspired his filming aspirations.

Having started with Holmesglen in 2013, Rhys is currently preparing his next short film, 'Headspace Inc.'. Encouraged by the recognition of his fellow Holmesglen peers, namely Jay Perry who won Best Short Film ('Obsolete') at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival in the US, Rhys is attempting to reach similar heights.

"The biggest lesson was trying not to take everything on myself," he explains about his introduction into filmmaking. 

Rhys' new film follows the release of previous shorts: Phantom Lapse and Behind the 8-Ball. The upcoming project combines his interest in science fiction and film noir. "The theme of the film revolves around escapism and thinking about the amount of time we spend sitting in front of screens."

Additionally, the inspiration is sourced from a number of artistic areas including Japanese anime television series Ghost in the Shell, the visual style of Blade Runner and dystopian novel Ready Player One.

Having launched a Pozible campaign and sourced actors, Rhys is now well underway with the latest passion project. The student accepts that a lot of groundwork is required. "You do get to a point where you just keep going," he asserts.

In order to get to this point, Rhys is appreciative of the help Holmesglen has provided. In the classroom, his vision has had the chance to grow.

"We have a fantastic teacher at Holmesglen, Ray Mooney, he brings the script up on the screen and the entire class goes through it. Everyone takes a role to read out. It's quite constructive."

"When you get your script upon the screen that's when you lose that subjective vision and everyone else has their opinions. That's why doing that in class is phenomenal because it helps you see all these things you don't normally see."

Rhys is currently on location preparing for filming, with Headspace Inc. to shoot at Hawthorn East's Rivoli Cinemas. Equally, he is volunteering at this year's Melbourne International Film Festival. With the short film in focus, Rhys is also eyeing a move into making features on day; knowing, though, that it will take the same effort and commitment.

"I've got a couple of stories down in feature form. 10,000 word treatments. Dealing with a short film, I cannot even comprehend trying to do a feature film. Somehow people keep doing it, so it's a possibility," he says.

At the completion of Headspace Inc., Rhys will hold a private screening before the short film premieres, alongside other Holmesglen screen media student projects, at Federation Square's ACMI later in the year.

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