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Study tales from an aspiring graphic designer

If you chase someone else's idea of a perfect career, you'll live a borrowed life at best. It's why Samuel Wang knows a passion that doesn't belong to you is not worth following.

The future is always at its brightest when you're chasing your own goals, and Samuel's inspiration came at the start of the year when he decided to follow his study pathway. This enthusiasm led him to the Holmesglen graphic design classroom.

"I made the decision that I was going to listen to myself more and do things at my own pace," says Samuel. "[Previously] I kept thinking how I did everything people wanted me to do and tried following the pathway that everyone took and I realised really just how miserable it was."

With his study plans reset, Samuel decided to come to Holmesglen after attending an Open Day, feeling it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. Since starting his graphic design course, he has learned many essential skills, but believes working to deadlines, particularly in a profession like graphic design, is the most important quality.

"You can create the best piece of work for the client but if it doesn't meet the deadline, if you are given four hours but take six, then it's useless."

Like all successful educations, Samuel has taken the opportunity to test these skills in an industry environment. He was a participant in the 2017 Paddl Games Metro Scratch Space Challenge, which invited students to work in teams to create new innovative ideas for Metro Trains. Samuel received the chance to work alongside students studying in areas such as IT, human resources, accounting, and engineering.

"It was really a fascinating experience to see everyone's thinking process and ideologies meet together. Not everyone was a programmer and not everyone was a designer, so we discovered that it takes time to explain and communicate to each other about our thoughts and ideas," Samuel reflects.

Samuel was part of the winning team, with his hard work leading to a job on an upcoming Metro Trains project. "We are currently in the early stages, but hopefully it won't just benefit Metro and its stakeholders but also millions of Melbournians."

The focus is now on gaining as much experience as possible and seeing where his study can lead. Samuel can appreciate that when you explore your interests, things become much more enjoyable.

"Graphic design is treating me well and it's a really versatile skill-set. I know the knowledge gained from design will stick with me wherever I go."

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