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Melbourne Fashion Week inspiration guide

Our third year Bachelor of Fashion Design students are ready to bring their creative passions and sparks to the catwalk at this year's Melbourne Fashion Week.

Imagination has no full stop or limit, and fashion is often a reflection of the world around us. In the lead-up to the events, here are some of our students' recollections about what inspired their designs.


The inspiration behind my collection is Dr Heisenberg's Magic Mirror of Uncertainty. It's about how you look at the mirror and what you see in it. Sometimes, it's not a thing that you're looking for or thinking of, but then you can see something different, like when you go to sleep. When you look at the mirror, you have that picture in your mind, but when you get up in the morning it can be different. I have used that principle in my collection.


I was inspired by the exterior architecture of the Forbidden City. I was inspired by the decoration of the place; there are many bold colours and geometrical shapes. My garment consists of geometrical silhouettes that are used against the organic human form.


My inspiration was negative space, which led me to hand shadow puppets because of the shadows and black and white, and the positivity and negativity. My collection is based on two fabrics that enhance the negative and positive space.


I looked at the feeling of the release of a volcano's eruption, that feeling of the build-up and intention, and then the explosion. I observed the dramatic side of it, the textures and colours. I've tried to bring that into my collection.


Mostly, my [eventual] idea came from the fact that I was having way too many ideas at the start of the semester. I was thinking of so many things I could do that I ended up going with the [overall] concept of ideas: imagination, thought, our perception of the world through our own thoughts.


My collection is about communicating how a negative emotion can affect a person's dreaming and subconscious behaviour. It has insinuated a lot of constriction methods, so I used a lot of elastic and lacing to trap the body. I used that along with prints of dreamscapes. It's voluminous, but also entrapped.


My inspiration is the expression of emotions through dance. I've been looking at how people express these emotions. I tried to recreate dance postures by moulding upholstery from the body to create poses, and then draping on top of that to show the movement. I'm inspired by dancer Martha Graham and butoh dancing.

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