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How to get started in events: Student tales

So, you have a goal…and the ambition to chase it. Now, it's time to begin. However, while an education is important, getting your foot in the door is a big part of the process, too. Knowing how to go about things is sometimes just as important as the things you know.

"It can be a daunting thing going into any course," Holmesglen events student George Barry says. "Don't be put off by the quantity of paperwork that will be done, though, as when used in a real-world situation it's quite fun."

Therefore, what are the keys to get you started?

The right attitude for the job

Following a goal is meant to be enjoyable. George, like classmate Chris Robinson, understands the first step is having the right mindset to chase a career. It was a point that was encouraged when he was studying his events course. "The greatest insight I received in the Holmesglen classroom was to never give up," George affirms.

Don't Limit Yourself

A qualification should open many doors, not just one.

"When starting the course, I was shown that by completing [my studies] I could do so much more," Chris says.

When studying, while both students gained the skills needed to work in the field, it was the opportunity to apply this knowledge at a professional level that helped with their career aims. They learned organisation, time management and preparation and planning skills, liking the chance to grow in the events industry.

"The course helped me be more confident. I now know what I need to ask when on-site and helping with an event. I know where to ask for run sheets, design plans and task lists," Chris explains.

Take your opportunities

A key insight also gained was the importance of searching for and accepting work placement opportunities while studying instead of waiting until after graduation. If you can doing something in the present, don't wait for the future.

Chris currently works as the Assistant Production Manager at Adecco Group, while George has helped with festivals such as Groovin the Moo and Laneway, as well as having worked interstate. Moreover, Holmesglen students gain on-the-job training when assisting with the production of the annual Victorian States School Spectacular.

To George's way of thinking, study has been the preparation stage and his industry roles the chance to show his passions and build on his career prospects.

"The more you get these jobs, the more your name gets out there. In the events industry, everybody knows everybody. Impress a few people and you can't fathom how much that it will be worth its weight in gold in the long run."

Embrace the present but also plan ahead

In the future, George would like to start his own events small business, which will provide crew to Melbourne's major festivals. While, Chris hopes his education will help take him to the US and, hopefully, one day to a working role at NFL's Super Bowl.

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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