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Holmesglen students and staff showcase their talents at Fine Food 2016

Holmesglen hospitality students have received significant insights into the industry, following their successful participation at Fine Food 2016.

Students again competed in a range of respective events, which were held this September. The competitions allowed Holmesglen participants to test and showcase their cooking skills, while they were also given the chance to network with industry leading professionals.

"Events like Fine Foods open doors to a wealth of experience and knowledge that the older generation of industry professionals love giving to the new students," Holmesglen Culinary Teacher Trevor Jenkins said.

Holmesglen was well-represented throughout the duration of the event. Cookery Teacher Targ Howorth served as AusTAFE team leader and one of the lead organisers of the four-day AusTAFE event.

Primarily, though, Trevor observes that he hopes these types of events give students greater confidence with their training and future employment.

"We hope that the students walk away from the event feeling like they have accomplished something great, and gained more confidence and self-belief," he said.

While the events served as a culmination of the students' classroom preparation and hard-work, Trevor affirms the role of Holmesglen staff is equally important; when helping support their development.

"We are there to give the students the confidence and assistance, and most of all reassure the students that they can do it."

You can view the full list of Holmesglen participants and awards results below:

AusTAFE category:

Sivhorng Kim – Bronze

Tiffany Tan – Silver

Sherren Ong – Bronze

Janindu Mendis – Bronze

Moorrabbin apprentice

Reza Mirzale (campus based) 2nd year apprentice - participation

Emma Scott (campus based) 1st year apprentice - participation

Industry apprentice

Josiah Swingler (Steve Mercer apprentice), 1st year - Silver

Professional Category:

Erica Mendes, E1. Sugar paste cake Static - Silver Medal

Erica Mendes, S2. Sweet Buffet Centerpiece Static - Bronze Medal (also awarded the best sweet buffet show piece trophy)

Trevor Jenkins

Live Poultry Challenge - Bronze medal

Live Beef Challenge - Gold medal

Static four different desserts - Bronze medal


Most Outstanding Establishment award

Student category:

Elena Yahnova, E1A. Sugar paste cake Static - Silver

Dan Li, E1A. Sugar paste cake Static - Bronze medal

Del Whitehead, E1A. Sugar paste cake Static - Bronze medal

Holly Buckley,E2A. Wild and Wacky cake Static - Bronze medal

Sandee Tan E1A. Sugar paste cake Static - Bronze medal

Banyen Matchima E1A. Sugar paste cake Static - Bronze medal

Participation Awards:

E1A. Sugar paste cake Static category

Alexandra Syposs

Ani Nurhayati

Jade Moore-Kilgour

Kesia Poonan

Maria Fransisca

Mitchell Tanzen

Nuyen Bao Tue

Qiuchan Ou

Quyen Nguyen, Thi Hanh

Rassad Outim

Saurab Acharya

Setareh Dehghani Ardalan

Xinyu Huang

E2A. Wild and Wacky Cake Static

Eirini Mavrofeni

Chaofeng Wu

Li Heang (Helen) Huy,

Marushka Vas

Nhu Nguyen

Petra Gretzbach

Pornipha Meksuwan

Tegan Currie

Weixin (Eric) Chen

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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