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Helping inform our next generation of education professionals

Holmesglen's Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching Course Leader, Hanan Sukkar, understands that education represents a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. She knows the best way to do this is by making positive contributions to the field, and that belief has led to the release of her first book, 'Early Childhood Intervention'.

The academic text aims to bring the "Australian value" to early childhood education. The book is the result of more than two-and-a-half years of preparation and features contributions from over 20 local and international authors. It was co-edited with Carl J. Dunst (a senior research scientist at North Carolina's Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute) and Monash University academic Jane Kirkby.

"It's a testimony to the effort of all of the collective authors who have worked together to make it happen,"Hanan says.

A key component of the book is the study of family-centred practice, which looks at a child's learning and development in relation to his or her family and their community. The study highlights the importance of these relationships and how to build support.

"You can't work with a child without working with a family. You're not just informing families of what to do, but you are actually giving them the knowledge and information to make informed decisions," Hanan explains.

Victorian practitioners in early prevention programs are using the book for professional development, while Holmesglen lecturers are sharing the research with their higher education and diploma students. The teachings will give students significant knowledge to gather before entering work placement opportunities and future employment.

In the same way that Hanan hopes the book will assist aspiring early childhood education professionals, the process has also helped grow her abilities. From this, she believes she can continue to improve the delivery of Holmesglen's early childhood education courses.

"We have learned so much from this [book]. It's helped me build my own personal capacity. I see this only as the beginning of the journey."

You can read further details about 'Early Childhood Intervention' via the publisher, Routledge.

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