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Find a job-ready creative style with a graphic design course

Big and small businesses across industries need skilled graphic designers with the right qualifications to create brand identities, style guides and engaging communications.  

Graphic designers generate new visual ideas, provide artistic direction, draw freehand concepts and use software. They see potential in every project and are guided by their creative voice. 

CUA50715 Diploma of Graphic Design students Madeline Hughes and Christopher Brandl Lopez are among the next generation of graphic designers. They are bringing new insights and skills to the field -- both are award-winning graphic designers and let their passions stand out in their work. 

“Learn to let loose, invite your creative powers and proceed with a steady pace, but never rush it. It’s a fine balance, but when you get it right – it sure feels good,” says Christopher. 

What makes a good graphic designer?  

While graphic designers have a strong creative focus, becoming a respected and sought-after professional requires a variety of qualities.  

Graphic designers work both independently and collaboratively and need to support internal and external clients.

Madeline and Chris believe a good graphic designer should be:  

  • curious and open-minded 
  • a strong communicator 
  • self-disciplined  
  • adaptable and humble 
  • up to date with current trends, new design techniques and industry themes.  

“The most important qualities a graphic designer should have going through all stages of development are an unyielding passion to create, develop and explore new areas,” says Christopher. 

“Ensure every project you do is going to create a strong and diverse body of work. Make every project something you want to display in your portfolios and look professional,” adds Madeline. 

What can I do as a graphic designer? 

Graphic design jobs are diverse and interesting. You can work on everything from advertising and publications to posters and prints.  

Graphic designers have strong digital design knowledge to complement their ideas and utilise technology to bring their ideas to life. 

“I have learned so much about key programs like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. These programs are the go-to in our industry and having a strong, fundamental understanding helps to strengthen any designs,” explains Madeline.  

Graphic designers work creatively for clients 

Professionals also need to explain their ideas, respond to a client’s creative brief and work on group projects to achieve shared goals. 

“Being able to communicate your idea from concept to finalisation is a powerful feeling, and it’s amazing when you can exceed your own expectations in the process, while you evolve and gradually progress,” says Christopher. 

Madeline and Christopher have used these skills to create award-winning designs in the Medela ‘Mother’s Milk in Art’ competition, which invited graphic design students to create posters to show the unity of motherhood and breastfeeding.  

Madeline looked at contemporary styles and techniques and incorporated fine line drawings and minimalist flat designs in her poster. Chris was inspired by the emotion of a mother’s embrace and showed this through texture and colour. 

How do I become a graphic designer? 

Holmesglen offers two main graphic design courses to help you start your next career.  

The CUA50715 Diploma of Graphic Design offers students technical and creative skills and is suitable for budding designers looking to work as a freelance graphic designer or production assistant.  

We also have the CUA30715 Certificate III in Design Fundamentals for secondary school students and the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design, which can help you build your general arts and design skills before pursuing graphic design.

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Student designs

'Mother's Milk in Art' winning design - Christopher Brandl Lopez
'Mother's Milk in Art' honoured design - Madeline Hughes

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