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Donut give up on your dreams

We all know the joy that comes from biting into a delicious treat. We know food is often the way to a person’s heart as well. Morgan Hipworth certainly knows these are true – they’re the inspirations that have seen him enter the hospitality industry at just 17.

A Holmesglen VET Delivered to Secondary Students learner, Morgan owns his own food business, has appeared on a range of commercial television shows (see Shark Tank, Today and The Project) and is earning the praise of the culinary world, one donut at a time.

Morgan’s shop, Bistro Morgan, is the pride of Windsor’s High Street. It has seen him go from aspiring chef to budding entrepreneur before even finishing his secondary studies.

So, how has Morgan turned a childhood dream into a reality so soon?

Get out there and start doing

We learn our best through repetition and practice. It is never too early to start trying something. The key is try not just wait.

“I’ve always liked hands-on courses,” Morgan says of his current hospitality course. “I used to do a lot of cooking courses when I was younger and got frustrated when they were all just watching people do it. It’s enjoyable being able to go [somewhere] and cook, and participate in it all. It’s a great difference.”

Use your mind as a sponge, absorb every lesson you receive

Every day is the chance to learn something new. Even the smallest lessons can help us in the long run.

“It’s not necessarily the big things you observe [that are most important] but the small things along the way about how other people do things and how they’re trained to do things, like recording fridge temperatures in a certain way. All those small things put together have a big impact,” Morgan explains.

Use your schooling as the icing on your cake…or donut

Every success is a result of the skills you first gain.

“An education is very important. A lot of people have said, “Why don’t you just drop out?” But, it’s a great backing. Business is unpredictable, so it’s always great to have that education behind you.”

Nobody’s perfect. Make your mistakes. Learn from them.

Don’t worry about perfection. Grow. Improve. Have fun.

“Everyone makes mistakes. Whether it’s cooking or misreading a recipe. It reinforces that you don’t know everything. So, sometimes, you need to take a step back. I know I’ve made plenty mistakes along the way,” Morgan reassures.

Remember, the main reason we chase a goal is because we’ve found something we love

“Follow your passion. I know it’s easy to say, but finding your passion is the hardest bit. Once you find it, then find great people to support you and you’re half-way there. And don’t let anyone hold you back,” Morgan says.

To find out where a hospitality or cookery course can take you, visit our Hospitality, Tourism and Events page.


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