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Designing for success

A required component in any successful pursuit is humility. It's the ability to remain grounded while motivated that provides the foundations for achievement.

Holmesglen Interior Design student Alexandra Legg has turned this drive into success, winning a regarded student interior design people's choice award.

Alexandra was initially nominated in this year's Home Design magazine and eussen Living Student Design Awards for her creative project, Barangaroo House. Fittingly, it was a former Holmesglen graduate that sparked the planning. 

"My Dad used to study horticulture at Holmesglen. He loves his native plants, so he had all these amazing books about Australian flora and fauna, so I went through all them to get inspiration," Alexandra observes. "The rest of it came together from researching dream time stories."

In many respects, the successful project was also a labour of love for Alexandra as she spent many hours, over many months preparing her design.

"The process lasted for three months, but it wasn't until the last few weeks that I was like, 'ok, now I like what I've done.' You spend a good two-and-a-half months playing around with it, and then you see something different in a magazine, or hear something, or you were taught something new in class, and then all of a sudden you think about [reworking the design]."

Goals and dreams are a continual evolution. There's no mandate that suggests you need to have everything figured out in your youth. It was with this in mind that Alexandra decided to join Holmesglen to follow her new interests. Originally educated in health sciences, she was inspired to return to study and pursue interior design due, in part, to her outside role with IKEA.

"They're designed focused and creative, and when I was at IKEA I was studying health sciences and I just finished it, and I started planning kitchens and I just loved it. I realised I had to go back and study it," Alexandra recalls.

Similarly, the confidence and practical learning opportunities offered at Holmesglen have transferred to her professional roles. "My studying has really helped with the way I sell the kitchens, the way I plan them, [and] the way I help the customers. There are a couple of us in the team that study design as well, so we always bounce ideas of each other."

There's the common saying that suggests, if you work a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Therefore, it's always important to follow something that captures your passions.

"One thing I've noticed from now studying interior design is when I was studying health sciences, writing essays was such a task, but when I get home now and I've got design homework to do, it doesn't feel like homework. I'll do it into the early hours because I lose track of time. Homework is no longer homework for me," Alexandra says.

Furthermore, Alexandra currently undertakes an internship, organised through Holmesglen, each Wednesday with hospitality interior design consultants Hirsch Bednar. She also attended Holmesglen's 2015 design trip to Italy. "Actually going to see the design houses and the actual design schools over there was incredible."

While study is the current focus for Alexandra, she is already planning for the future, and following the sentiments of the introduction, she is remaining humble about the pursuit.

"The end result would be having your own business, whether big or small. That would be the top goal of mine. After studying, I'm happy to start at the bottom and work my way up."

In addition to her recent award, Alexandra's hard work was also reflected in 2015 when she was a finalist in the Holmesglen Certificate IV Outstanding Student award category. This has validated her study and career choices, with her thinking always optimistic. "You go for the job you enjoy doing."

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