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AE Smith meets with Holmesglen pre-apprentices

Success without effort is the difference between climbing the mountain and simply being flown to the peak. That's why the virtues of hard work are always a worthwhile consideration, and something that is instilled in Holmesglen students.

This month, a collection of pre-apprentice plumbing students sat down with AE Smith Site Manager Brendan Patford at our Chadstone campus.

Recruiting two new apprentices to help with AE Smith's mechanical plumbing, Patford spoke with the students, affirming that while the training is often a "hard slog"; the reward is reflected in the opportunities at the end of the teachings.

"Once you have your licence, that's it. Do some travelling; do whatever you like, but get that ticket and you can always come back. It's always been very good to me," Patford said.

With Holmesglen pre-apprentices invited to apply for the aforementioned vacancies, the Site Manager also observed the positive working relationship shared with the institute.

"With Holmesglen, it's been pretty good. You sort of say [to yourself], 'that's where the plumbers are.' From a company perspective, you go and see who has the students. The training [at Holmesglen] is good. The guys that have come through have had the right structure."

Moreover, Patford, originally educated in Marine Biology, noted the key professional qualities the occupation offers to Holmesglen pre-apprentices – traits important to any future endeavours.

"They have to be a team player [and] they have to be able to work in a group. They [also] have to be able to take instruction very well, and they need the right attitude," Patford said.

Additionally, while the field provides stability and key insights, it is also an appealing pursuit for a range of individuals.

"People think there is a stereotypical thing they want for a plumber, but it's not always the way. We're seeing all sorts of people come through – predominantly [from] trades – but we're [also] seeing people come through from accountants to management."

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