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A teacher’s insights into patisserie

For patisserie teacher Guido Pozzebon, knowledge represents two things. It's the chance to learn something new each day, and it's something to always be passed on. After all, life is at its brightest when you discover something that you didn't know the day before.

So, how does Guido help bring a positive influence to his students and the community?

It starts with passion and enthusiasm

"I get my enthusiasm and passion from seeing students strive," says Guido. "I love teaching, and seeing other people achieve. We've had students who we've taught go on to win awards. It's exciting to see."

Guido has used his two-and-a-half years at Holmesglen to help students explore their ambitions and interests. While it's about introducing them to the realities of work, it's also about doing it with care and purpose.

"The key thing I think you need to teach students from day one is that with no foundation there is no house. Once you learn how to cut julienne and whip cream and make a sponge, then you can build an apartment. That's what learning is all about."

Let your creativity become your guide

Enthusiasm and passion will get you to your patisserie goals, but creativity is your lead. This is often achieved through stepping out of your comfort zone and thinking outside of the box.

"I'm a teacher that loves to show students things my way, but then also explain to them that there is someone else's way [too]. I want them, by the end, to have their way. To take all of the skills they have learned and create their own vision," affirms Guido.

Your work is an opportunity to grow your career but also a chance to help the community

Guido used his love of patisserie to found FareShare in 2000. The company's vision is to grow a society "where food is not wasted and no one goes hungry." By using left-over food, the project cooks and distributes food to the community's most vulnerable.

Guido has seen his creation grow significantly. From starting off by cooking 200 pies, FareShare provided 1.3 million meals in 2017, with aim of providing 1.5 in 2018. Moreover, FareShare is expanding to Brisbane, setting a goal of providing 5 million meals per year.

The company has become so large, Guido has since handed over the day-to-day duties and now serves as a mentor. His motto is precise. "I always said, I'll plant the seeds but I'll need everyone else to help me water the forest as it grows."

He also provides his time to The Able Bakehouse, a Melba Support Services' project, which gives special needs people the chance to bake and sell products.

"When you give a little, you get it back tenfold."

All information is correct at the time of printing but subject to change.

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