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A look into the role of a production professional

Marina Petrov understands that the best careers are a luxury not a convenience. Something easily offered is just as easily achieved, and the best jobs in our lives always come from hard work not entitlement.

As a Holmesglen graduate, Marina never considered the end of her course as the finishing line. Her motivation has always been measured by the chase, not what she thinks she is owed. It's this career pursuit that has served as her labour of love.

"It's half taking what you can get [at the time] and it's half about finding yourself and moving up a level," Marina says.

While the classroom provided her with a significant base of skills and knowledge, Marina knew that if you could do something today, why wait until tomorrow.

"I would go and work at channel 31 and work on my friend's TV show, and get work experience at Channel 10. I was trying to actively work and get experience."

Marina's key career moment came when she started working as a front of house and facilities coordinator for Cutting Edge Post. Her roles included supporting the executive producers, organising promotional and event shoots, and quoting and preparing jobs.

"By taking that job, that's where my production career boomed. They saw that I could never say no," she affirms.

Throughout and following her education, she has developed her professional traits with various productions, such as working as a location assistant for The Amazing Race China,  production assistant on The Great Gatsby and freelancer with Family Feud.

"If your name is continuously circulating between production managers and you have a good reputation, it doesn't matter what level you are at, you will always get work."

Michael Lewis once wrote a book, 'Moneyball', about the art of winning an unfair game. For Marina, the success so far in her production career has been about making sure nothing is left to chance. Belief is at its most powerful when in the hands of those that try, and she hopes students will maintain the same confidence during and after their studies.

"There will always be better opportunities. Always. You just have to trust that."

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